Lunch & Dinner Menu Sample


“Rocky” Shrimp
Shrimp cooked with bacon, mushrooms, spinach and cheese au gratin served in shells


Fish & Chips

Buffalo or BBQ Wings



Chicken or Fish Sticks


Melted Cheese
add Mushrooms or Chorizo

With your Choice of Flank Steak, Chicken, Mushrooms, Chorizo, Shrimp

Ceviche Raw
Shrimp Ceviche or Fish Ceviche

“Knock Out” Shrimp Raw
Typical Butterfly shrimp, marinated in lemon, bathed in green salsa and lime, served with cucumber and onion. REALLY HOT


Shrimp Cocktail


Mexican Soup
Traditional tortilla soup served with avocado, guajillo chile, sour cream and Chihuahua cheese

Mom’s Soup
Delicious chicken broth served with rice and chicken breast, accompanied with avocado, cilantro, and chopped Serrano chile


Caesar Salad
with your choice of Shrimp or Chicken

“Nascar” Salad
The classic, with tomato, avocado, jicama, cucumber, bell pepper, Spanish onion, carrot, celery and dressing of your choice


Fettuccini Alfredo
with your choice of Shrimp or Chicken

Spaghetti Pomodoro
with your choice of Shrimp or Chicken

Mexican Food


Served on a sizzling hot plate Shrimp, Chicken, “Angus” flank steak

“Heisman” Tacos
Shredded fish or shrimp or flank steak and Chihuahua cheese, served in corn tortilla lightly browned in butter Shredded Shrimp, Shredded Fish, Flank steak

Order of 3, your choice of corn or flour tortilla


Baja Style Tacos
Shrimp or Fish

“Stadium” Tacos
Grilled Angus flank steak or Grilled Chicken

Combo 3 tacos of your choice


Burritos & Chimichangas
One big burrito, served with rice & beans Shrimp, Chicken, Vegetarian, Shredded beef
Scrambled eggs with sausage, bacon or ham

Order of 3, your choice corn or flour tortilla, and green, red or mole sauce Shrimp, Chicken, Vegetarian, Cheese, Shredded beef

One big Quesadilla served with rice & beans
Shrimp, Cheese, Chicken, “Angus” Flank Steak, Mushrooms, Chorizo

Chiles Rellenos
Order of 2, accompanied with beans and rice Shrimp, Vegetarian, Cheese, Chicken


Chile Relleno, “Angus” flank Steak, Enchilada, Quesadilla, rice & beans

Sandwiches & Burgers


“Touchdown” Burger
Grilled 8oz Angus beef, topped with cheddar cheese and served with fries

“Super Bowl” Burger
8oz Angus beef with bell peppers and mushrooms, all grilled and topped with chipotle BBQ sauce & cheese, Served with fries

“Chicken” Burger
Grilled Chicken Breast, topped with cheddar cheese and served with fries
BLT Sandwich, Club Sandwich, Chicken sandwich


“Astros” Chicken
Exquisite chicken breast stuffed with cheese and vegetables, wrapped in bacon and bathed in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce

“Yankees” Chicken
Light, grilled chicken breast accompanied with green salad

“Mets” Chicken
Chicken breast marinated with fine herbs and prepared with sautéed mushrooms, with a touch of gravy, then topped with mozzarella cheese au gratin


King’s Fish
Grilled fish fillet bathed in a delicious cilantro creamy sauce, served with rice and vegetables

Fish al Gusto
You choose! Grilled, Breaded, Garlic, Butter, Lime, Coconut etc. Served with rice and steamed veggies

Fishermen Special you fish it, we cook it
Grilled, Breaded, Blackened, served with 4 different sauces; Cilantro, Mango, Garlic Butter, Veracruz. Accompanied with rice, steamed veggies & tortillas


“World Series” Shrimp
Exquisite shrimp stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and bathed in a white wine and mushroom sauce

Shrimp Al Gusto
You choose! Garlic, Breaded, Chipotle, Butter, Tempura or Coconut Served with rice and vegetables


“Devils” Arrachera
Grilled and marinated Angus flank steak, accompanied with beans and guacamole

“Islanders” Arrachera
Delicious Angus flank steak accompanied with bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and a touch of chipotle, topped with 2 cheeses

BBQ Baby Back Ribs


“Hole in One” Lobster
Fresh and cooked to you’re taste, served with a baked potato and veggies Market price

Choose two different options & create your own combo
Shrimp, “Angus” Flank Steak, BBQ Ribs, Chicken Breast, Fish Fillet



Ice cream chocolate, vanilla or strawberry

Assorted cakes


Gourmet Coffee
Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Frappuccino,
Tea, Brewed Coffee, Iced Tea